Sunday, October 31, 2010

Just another Sunday...

I did not celebrate Halloween: I did not dress up or hand out candy. I worked from 5-8:30pm. The closest I got was carving pumpkins and making Halloween funfetti cupcakes with my roommate.

I did not celebrate Reformation Day: I went to the Episcopal Church I normally do, where I sing in the choir with my sister. The closest they got to even vaguely acknowledging Reformation Day was "A Mighty Fortress" for the postlude. Go ahead, call me a heathen and damn me to hell. I always liked warm weather.


  1. You worshipped, that's the important thing. Did you miss the traditional or did you find edification in your worship. That is more important than where...that you know your God and have a relationship with Him.

    And I hate halloween!I will probably go to hell for that alone!

  2. You Heathen.

    Just kidding. I was raised in a church that doesn't celebrate Reformation day, so I had to pause when I read your blog to try and figure out what it even is. I'm guessing it has something to do with Luther and thesis?

    Please don't go to hell though. It will be so much nicer to hang out with you in heaven.

  3. Julie, I know that. I was mostly just being sassy. And I really only liked Halloween for the candy.

    Renee, yep. In a nutshell, Oct. 31 was the day Luther told the Catholic church the things they were doing/teaching that weren't too awesome or Bible-compatible. And don't worry. I won't go to hell. I was kind of poking fun at all the Lutherans I've known that think Lutherans are the shit.

  4. Ha ha ha ha ha.

    "Poking fun at all the Lutherans I know who think Lutherans are the shit."