Friday, March 20, 2009


A couple of days ago I had a conversation with Shannon about how I really should quit drinking caffeine altogether, because both my parents have high blood pressure, so me drinking coffee on top of the added family history increases my chances of having it when I'm older. Except the thing is, as long as I'm still in school, I forsee a need for coffee, because it wakes me up in the morning after a late night of studying. But lately I've been feeling these spurts of rapid heartbeating for a few seconds, and then my heartbeat gets normal again. It's kind of scary. I might want to get a physical soon...

Also, rehearsals for my one-act are going extremely well. We're off book already. I'm a little nervous though, since we don't have rehearsal again until a week from Monday, because of tech week for Ragtime next week, which I'm involved in. But I think it'll be okay. I'm really anxious to get a set up for these guys. I'm tired of having for them to imagine walls and doors. Now that we're off book, this is really the time for them to start getting the feel for the play and polish up all the little details that really make a play. And an actual set helps with that. On a good note, however, I asked a friend of mine to sit in on my rehearsal last night, and he suggested moving around two pieces of furniture. I did, and it opened up the set so much! Mind (and eye) was completely blown! It still astounds me how switching two set pieces can make so much difference. Last night's rehearsal was really productive and beneficial. We fixed a lot of problems with one particular scene, which makes me really happy. Honestly, this one-act is the thing I have going this semester that I care the most about. If I can put on a great show, then this whole semester will be worth it.

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  1. That's awesome. I wish I could come and see it though! :( You probably won't be having a rehearsal while I'm there... IN 5 DAYS!!!!!!!! Aren't you freaking excited that you are going to see me in 5 DAYS????? And I probably need to give up caffeine too... I've been having a lot more of it lately. Caffeine and bones don't go well together.