Monday, August 10, 2009

Good vs. Bad

Sorry for yesterday's depressing, cryptic, emo-esque post. I needed to get it off my chest, but I couldn't be too specific.

Anyway, yesterday was good and bad.

I went to see Julie and Julia with my mom! We both really liked it! The whole middle section made me uncomfortable in an intangible, indescribable way. But I'm fairly certain that it was supposed to do that. Anyone who's seen it have input on this?

Had an argument with someone. REALLY big argument. I still don't think I'm quite over it yet. And I don't know what to do about it.

I had a great phone conversation with my friend Tyler, who I haven't talked to since school ended. We didn't talk about the issues that were troubling me, just regular stuff, and that turned out to be far more beneficial than if I had ranted to him. We talked about my classes this semester, and how he's student teaching, and about how my apartment is 0.6 miles (I looked it up) from the house that he's moving into soon.

So, listing them off, it appears that yesterday was more good than bad. But the bad feels really bad. As bad as the two goods put together, if not worse.

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  1. Anytime I can do anything for you, just let me know.