Sunday, December 12, 2010

"For I know the plans I have for you..."

Do you ever feel like you're sleeping, and can't wake up?

Or like you're a much cooler person than the life you're living?

I feel like that every day. I feel like my life has halted to a stop, like I'm waiting for something to happen, for the good part to get here.

I just need to do something, anything to wake me up. I'm afraid that one day, years from now, I'll wake up and wonder where the hell my life went.

I have problems with comparing myself to other people. One person, in particular. I look at this person's life, and it's everything I'm supposed to want. (And in my stupid mind, have already.) Young, beautiful, married, kids, a career. I'm 24 years old, a year out of college with no career path, and I'm alone.

It's difficult for me to not compare myself with others, to tell myself that God has awesome plans for me that I can't even dream of. But I can't help wondering when my life is actually going to start.

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  1. I lived that life for a long time and one day I realized that what I was doing was not living the life God had given me. I was waiting for what I wanted to simple come to me instead of persuing anything. I wasn't LIVING. I was letting life happen around me. What is now, is your life. Live it, experience it. You are the very person God created you to be. Yes, you will change with time, we all do. But get out there and try something, do something that might interest you...spread your wings. God had blessed you with a beautiful life, take advantage of it. LOVE YOU!