Monday, March 14, 2011

Gift Wrapping

Yesterday was my sister Rachel's baby shower. (She's 30 weeks! I can't wait for the baby to get here!) The baby's name is Lily Elizabeth! So cute!

Anyway, I got her a onesie that said "I <3 my aunt" and I knitted her a blanket.

But I'll be honest. . .

I was WAY more excited about the wrapping.

If you've ever received a gift from me you know I'm a little. . .

wrapping impaired.

Here's a picture. It's a little fuzzy. It's cropped from a larger photo, since I don't have a digital camera. (Lame, I know. Cameras and I don't get along well.) It's also tiny, because the more I zoom in, the fuzzier it gets. Sorry.

I was so excited, I had to share. This might be a gift-wrapping epiphany, the start of fabulous gift wrapping to come. Get ready.

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