Friday, February 1, 2013

10 things I wish I could say out loud

(but can't because we all have to be adults sometime, right?)

Presented in list form. The numbers are just for show and to satisfy my need for numbered lists. They do not indicate any particular order. Oh, and most of them will probably be about work.

  1. When I tell you I don't like to be touched, an appropriate response would be, "Oh, sorry. My bad. I won't do it again." An inappropriate response would be what you said, which was "HAHAHA THAT'S HILARIOUS!"
  2. An Americano is the EASIEST DRINK TO MAKE. Espresso shots + hot water. When you were hired, it was LITERALLY the first thing they taught you to make. So when someone asks for an Americano with milk, you should know that they don't want steamed milk instead of water. THAT'S A LATTE. YOU SHOULD KNOW ALL OF THESE SIMPLE THINGS. 
  3. Thank you for halting your assumption that I'm always pissed off when I'm really just tired. It really makes my life a whole lot easier.
  4. When we are at a four way stop, and it is my turn, you may not creep forward into the intersection, because it is my turn and you have to wait.
  5. Use your words. And get rid of that attitude. When you scowl at me and hold out a container of half and half, but don't say anything, YOU ARE BEING RUDE. An appropriate way to ask for more would be "It appears we've run out of half and half. Can I have some more, please?" But that's probably my bad. I understand that when you're the consumer you can't be bothered by things like manners and stuff.
  6. How is it that you have enough money to drop $600 on one dress?
  7. When it is 11 o'clock at night, and you are walking down the street, that is not an appropriate time to be shouting because people are sleeping.
  9. Stop being such a toddler. The things you're getting angry about are not a big deal. Put on some perspective, please.
  10. People leave you because you push them away, because you give them no other choice. Please start wearing your reality pants. 

Wow. That felt really good! Thanks for listening guys.

Feel free to use the comments to share anything you wish you could say out loud! I highly recommend it.


  1. Who thinks the ending of The Night Circus is a cop-out? I don't understand!!!!!!

    1. Someone I work with. That's all he said. He didn't even say why he didn't like it.

    2. I didn't think the ending was a cop-out, per se. Then again, I wasn't happy with the plot as a whole. I mean, I liked the book because I LOVED the setting and the writing. The plot was nice, but there were a lot of WTF moments for me as far as development. I remember the feeling more than I remember the particulars, because I read it a while ago.

      Sorry! You can yell at me now. :)

    3. Lor, I would never yell at you. I tend to like novels that are wrapped up nicely at the end with pretty ribbons and such, so I didn't mind the ending so much. And I think the writing and the feelings and atmosphere it evokes completely make up for any issues it may have. I love that you spend the entire book wishing the circus was real, that you could actually visit it in real life. That was probably my favorite part.

  2. Someone said it was hilarious after you told them you don't like to be touched? Did you then tell them it was hilarious that they don't like to be kicked in the 'nads?


    1. She was probably nervous, because it's kind of a blunt thing to say to someone: I don't like being touched. People laugh and say inappropriate things when they're nervous.

  3. I once went on a rant on my blog about four way stops and I stick to what I said then: no one leaves a four way stop happy.