Sunday, December 7, 2008

Come soon, Lord Jesus

I love Lessons and Carols. It's one of my favorite Kapelle performances. My dad said to me after this afternoon's service, "I don't know that it's Christmas until I come up here for Lessons and Carols." I would have to agree. It's not Christmas until Lessons and Carols. For me it's everything that I love about Christmas. It's incredibly reflective and meditative. It sort of puts everything into perspective. I don't like Christmas songs unless they're fairly meditative. I hate the cutesy, commercial songs (ex: John Rutter.). They seem insincere and most of the time they're just for flash and show. But most of the songs that we do at Lessons and Carols are the kind of Christmas songs that I love. This year we sang a song that is about Herod killing all the baby boys under age 2. I never really put much thought into that, but this song just makes my heart break. It's lamenting for the "little tiny child[ren]" that Herod killed.

Furthermore, Lessons and Carols affected me more deeply than usual this year, for some reason. I'm not really sure why. It could be that for a lot of my friends from Kapelle, this is their last Lessons and Carols. That's possible. But I think another explanation was that I kept thinking about all of the suffering going on in our world today. Saturday night, it made me cry. Advent is all about the anticipation of waiting for the Savior to come, waiting for Jesus. He came, but we're still waiting. We're still waiting for him to come back and end all of this worldly suffering. My heart breaks for all of those who suffer much more than I do.

Come soon, Lord Jesus.

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