Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Shitty Reality Check

That's what I had today. Today, I realized just how stressed-out and sleep-deprived I am, thanks to a crappy voice lesson. There's this song that I'm doing on my recital that I'm really struggling with. I'm not sure how to give my voice teacher what she's asking of me for it. And I kind of freaked out. I haven't freaked out that badly in a lesson in, probably, at least a year. I ended up crying. But this made me realize that I'm super stressed out and scared about my recital audition, which I don't even know the date for. It's supposed to be a month before the recital date. That's TODAY. And I'm also stressing about my senior project, which I'm super behind on. I'm struggling to keep myself on task.

And I also started thinking hardcore today about all of my "lasts." Specifically, regarding Kapelle: my last tour (which is this weekend), my last home concert, and my last lessons and carols. And I damn near started crying. I'm so sad to be leaving Kapelle. I won't miss Concordia after I graduate, but I will miss Kapelle. Kapelle is family, and has been since sophomore year. I miss them already.

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