Friday, October 30, 2009

I LOVE fall.

I decided that fall is my favorite season. I'm thankful that my last fall at Concordia was especially beautiful. This week, I decided to walk to school on Tuesday morning. It's a pretty nice walk from my apartment, just under 2 miles. It's all through residential neighborhoods, covered with trees whose leaves are turning gold. So on Tuesday, I was walking through Forest Park and River Forest, over sidewalks laden with beautiful golden leaves, thinking, "Please God, please let heaven be like this." Later that day, I was talking with my friend Chelsea about this. And she was remarking on how fall mirrors Christ's death. In the season of fall, there is so much beauty amidst all the the dying leaves. And Christ's death is, in a way, beautiful for us because through it, we are redeemed.

This evening, I was driving home at about 5:45 after PASSING my recital audition (!), just as the sun was setting. The golden light from the sunset was hitting the golden leaves from the trees, making the very air seem golden. It was so breathtaking. This year's fall, more than other years it seems, is making me notice God's glory and beauty more. Or perhaps my eyes are just more open this year.

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  1. Leah! I absolutely love this post. You're eyes are open, your heart is open to what God is showing you. The world can be beautiful and if we can see the beauty and wonder beyond the hurtful and tragic, we can see Grace beyond sin and Hope beyond the pain. Keep looking at what is good and beautiful and wonder-ful around you. It's there, keep looking, keep listening. You are an awesome, loved, blessed, talented young lady. God made you that way.