Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Things I should have said...

-I should have screamed out at you "NO! You're wrong! This is dumb!" Instead of just taking it. I was young, and stupid, and surprised. No. Surprised is the wrong word. Floored.
-I miss what might have been for us. There's a little part of my heart that longs for it whenever I think of you.
-You saved my life. I'm thoroughly convinced that God Himself placed you in my life. It is no accident we became friends.
-It's hard for me to look back on us and not feel sad. I feel sorrow, shame, and most of all, regret. All I see are the bad things about us. I would take most of it back, if I could. I would in a heartbeat, and I would give almost anything if I could.
-You have this annoying little skill. You have this amazing ability to make me angry and then make me forget all about it.
-I'm sorry I'm such a bad friend to you. You're the greatest, most Christ-like person I know.
-You do NOT know NEARLY as much as you think you do, you arrogant jerk-face.
-You are INSANELY talented, and I think you underestimate yourself WAY too much.
-I hate that we didn't get along for so long, and I keep thinking of ways it could have been different for us, but...I fail.
-You are for serious my favorite person, even though I don't really show it most of the time.

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