Sunday, November 21, 2010

Here's how I feel about this...

I tend to avoid politics like the black plague. But this goes way beyond anything political. I don't know very much behind the mechanics of the new security scanners the TSA is using, but here's my opinion based on what I do know.

This is SO unconstitutional. It goes against our God-given right to be happy and healthy for the government to force us to go through machines that give us levels of radiation that could be unsafe, and ALSO take naked pictures of us. No one...I'll say it again...


gets to see my naked body unless
give them permission.

My body DOES NOT belong to the government.

The alternative isn't very constitutional, either. It isn't right for people to be publicly fondled. I've been given the old, less invasive pat-down in a terminal full of people, and that was embarrassing enough.

This is NOT okay. I've been a little bit ignorant of this whole thing for one reason or another, but now I'm starting to get angry.

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