Thursday, November 11, 2010

Since moving to Branson, I have joined the church choir my sister, Rachel sings in. It's an episcopal church, so they have a tendency to do really good stuff. And, to be honest, ever since joining, I've been chasing the feeling I got when I sang with Kapelle.

This feeling is hard to describe...almost like your heart is too big for your chest, like you couldn't possibly feel any more emotion.

Well, at choir practice on Wednesday, I got a glimpse of that feeling I miss so much. We're doing Mendelssohn's Verleih uns Frieden. (I think that's the right one.) Anyway, it really has that German chorale feeling, and it made me think of Concordia, and by consequence, Kapelle. And it wasn't sadness that I felt. It was more...thankfulness that I got to have that experience, and was so blessed to know such amazing people.

So, if any of you Kapellicans are reading this, I miss you. Every day. :)

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