Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I Judge You Based On Your Appearance

Lately, I've started watching Mad Men on Netflix. Through all of the racism, sexism, and alcoholism, there are fabulous clothes.

This week's Why Wednesday post was inspired partly by Mad Men, and partly by the blog of a man I knew briefly in college, Todd. Todd has become a very snappy dresser of late, and shares his style on his Tumblr.

The combination of these two leave me wondering, why don't people dress well anymore? At my job, I see people all day long. Lots of people.

And I wonder, how did we get from this:
To this:
I'm tired of men looking like douchbags, or wearing clothes they should only exercise in, or wearing their pants down by their knees. And I'm tired of the women looking like sluts or hobos or frumpy.

I long to see women wearing dresses with sparkling jewelry, fabulous shoes and amazing handbags. And I long to see men wearing well-tailored suits, ties, watches and cuff links. I long to see men dressing, well frankly, more like these fine gentlemen:

I'm not really that into fashion, and I'll confess that much of my wardrobe still looks like I'm a college student. But I'm trying to remedy that. And maybe if I saw better dressed men, I'd actually think some of them were worth my time. Like it or not, appearances matter. And I judge you based on your clothing. Sorry.


  1. I judge people like that too - because I"m shallow like that. LOL. But I completely agree! It's not that I think people need to be on top of all of the fashion trends or be super stylistic or anything like that. But it's just more about taking pride in yourself and who God made you. God didn't make us to be slobs (although we all have those moments and days, and that's OK), I feel as though he made us to rise above that. And honestly- a lot of times how we dress is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves and the people around us. So dress your best - feel your best - be your best.

    And... I really want to go shopping with Todd someday. I feel as though it would be fun.

  2. I'd like to see more men just looking like Joseph Gordon Levitt period.

    nrrrr. So hot.

    Sorry, vapid comment. I read this interesting and insightful blog and all I came away with is Joseph Gordon Levitt is so ridiculously good looking it should be a crime.

  3. That's okay, Renee. All I could think about after writing this post was "Mmm...Ryan Gosling," "Mmm...Joseph Gordon Levitt," and "Mmm...Ryan Reynolds."