Saturday, January 5, 2013

The worst noise in the world


And even worse, its brother,


Say it out loud with me.


Doesn't it just feel unpleasant to say?

While I realize the point of these two vocalized pauses is to indicate to the listener that you're still speaking, that doesn't change the fact that, aesthetically it's a terrible sound.

I'd rather hear silence than this ugliness: "Ummmm. Uhhhhh."

The worst is when I'm working at Starbucks and I ask people what I can get them, to which they promptly reply: "Uhhhhh."

I'm sorry. We don't have a drink called "Uhhhh." But if we did, it would look like this:

Not very appetizing, is it? Source

Am I alone in this? I can't be the only person who finds their skin crawling every time this sound enters their ears.

I realize this is partly me wearing my judgy pants because I studied music and theatre. I pay attention to the way people speak, probably more than the average bear.

But honestly? I just don't care. There's a reason why they try to break you of saying it when you take a speech class. It's ugly.

So let's recap:
-"Uhhhh" and "Ummmm" are the worst sounds in the world.
- They're not actual words, despite the fact that people try and use them in place of speaking real words.
-It is the auditory equivalent of a mud puddle.
-I wear judgy pants, and I judge you when you say "uh" or "um."

The end.

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