Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I've been lazy lately.

One, it's been months since I've worked out. But that's because this past semester was such a bitch, and I was too busy to work out.

Two, I haven't practiced voice or piano since I left school. Must practice tomorrow. NEED to practice tomorrow.

Three, I haven't been creative in a long while. I haven't made anything, created anything. I haven't worked on the play I'm writing, I haven't blogged, I've barely written in my journal. I feel so uncreative right now. I made snowflakes out of teal tissue paper the other day, but that doesn't really count.

Four, I don't have a job. I NEED a job for the summer.

Five, (and this has nothing to do with being lazy) I miss Sanctuary. BAD.


  1. YES to all the above.

    Especially the Sanctuary part.

  2. i miss sanctuary too . . . a lot a lot a lot . . . boo for not being in chicago . . . yay for being in bloomington though, don't get me wrong ;)