Friday, May 29, 2009

Taylor Swift

Ok, just to warn you, this blog will be a long cynical rant about Taylor Swift, and the music industry in general. Here we go...

Taylor Swift performed on the Today Show this morning. Ugh. She doesn't know how to sing. She wasn't completely off pitch, and her tone wasn't bad (most of the time), but it was less than pleasing. I am also completely convinced that she doesn't know how to breathe properly (along with nearly everyone else in the music industry today). She compulsively breathes in the middle of words. I mean, what would possess you to breathe in the middle of a word when you're the only one singing?? It's okay when you're singing with a choir, because it's stagger breathing, and normally no one can hear a break in the middle of the word. But if Taylor Swift knew how to breathe properly, then she wouldn't have to resort to breathing in the middle of words.

She also can't enunciate well. It's ANNOYING! Should I ever want to listen to her songs, I'd like to be able to understand them! That's another thing singers today don't do: enunciate. I mean, I've heard heavy metal bands enunciate better than pop stars. It seems like there's something wrong with that.

Now this might be a little bit insensitive, bu her dancing looks like she's having convulsions, and crowds seem to scream in adoration over it. For some reason, they love it. I mean, if she actually started having convulsions onstage, the crowds probably wouldn't know the difference.

Okay, I've decided. My goal in life should be to teach the whole world to sing, because there are too many "singers" who don't know how to sing.

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  1. You make me smile. What's sad is that I agree with everything you're saying, but I still like Taylor Swift. OK, mainly just "Love Story" cause I think the lyrics are adorable. I haven't heard much of her other stuff. But I do think you should teach the world to sing. I know I could use some lessons too. ;)