Thursday, June 7, 2012

Another List

I bet I know what you're thinking. "Leah. Another list on your blog? Really?"

The answer to that question is yes. Yes, another list. I like lists. I make shopping lists, packing lists, I even make mental lists of my day. For example: work, drive home, get food, watch Doctor Who, write a blog post, etc.

So because I like lists so much, here's a list about lists for your reading pleasure.

5 Reasons Why I Like Blogging in Lists

1. My brain is a mess. 
Seriously. I always manage to make the most random connections to things. Blogging in lists allows me to organize my thoughts a bit. If I allowed you all unfiltered access to the things in my brain, you'd run away and no one would read this.

2. Lists make me appear organized.
I'm not actually organized. Everything about me and my life is disorganized. My bedroom, my car, my life. This is all a disguise.

3. My OCD tendencies demand it.
I can be slightly OCD sometimes. I like lists in the way I like my DVDs to be alphabetized, in the way I can't stand a man with a crooked tie or a wall with a crooked picture.

4.  I don't like paragraphs on my blog.
When I have a huge paragraph I've written on my post, I'm always afraid people are going to check out and stop reading halfway through. I like list form because it breaks up what I have to say into nice, short, easily readable bits of information.

5. Because I can.


  1. Yep, you may not look much like me, but you're definitely mine.

    Love and miss you lots.


  2. I like lists too. And for things to be alphabetised. When we were teenagers and my brother and I fought, his ultimate weapon was to sneak into my room and sort my books by size or colour or number of pages because NO BRAIN CAN'T COPE.

  3. I love blogging in lists. I have a whole tag for it because it happens, often.

    Mostly for #5. :)