Monday, June 4, 2012

This Will Be Nerdy

Oops. I forgot what day it is again. That's the trouble when you work too much. You kind of forget what day it is.

Today's post is brought to you by tonight's EPIC Twitter conversation I had with three other bloggers, Emmy over at Love Woke Me Up This Morning, Alice at The Rabbit Hole, and Kirsti at Melbourne on My Mind. Tonight's topic of conversation? Doctor Who!

So it's safe to say that if you aren't too nerdy or don't like sci-fi much, you can pretty much stop reading.

10 Reasons I Love Doctor Who

 I know what you're thinking. Only 10? But I can't reveal all the reasons in one post! What else will be left to write about?

1. David Tennant's freckles.
If the Tenth Doctor is your Doctor, you know what I mean.
I mean come on, look at them. Source
 2. David Tennant's hair.
This post won't be all about David Tennant, I promise.
Great hair. Source
Honorable mention goes to Matt Smith's hair. I kind of like it, even though it's pretty much just on one side of his head.

3. I love having my heart ripped out and stomped on.
I'm a masochist, it's true. I love watching sad things and I love being emotional. Doctor Who is chock-full of REALLY happy, amazing things and also REALLY sad and depressing things. And I love it.

4. Rose and the Doctor
I can't even talk about this one. It's too traumatic.

5. Donna Noble
Since we're on the subject of The Doctor's companions, Donna Noble is amazing. I think I like her even more than Rose. There. I said it. I mean come on, she slapped The Doctor across the face. Slapped him.

6. The Doctor falls in love. With everyone.
I think The Doctor basically falls in love with everyone he meets. Basically, that's why he always tries so hard to save people, even when it's impossible. And then he breaks your heart when he can't, when someone dies, when life doesn't have a happy ending. That's my Doctor. When he couldn't save everyone, or he's not really alright. That's my favorite, because he just makes you wish you could give him a hug.

7. Matt Smith's adorable bumbling awkwardness.
As Kirsti put it, "He's like a newborn horse that doesn't quite know how its legs work!" He's all young and cute and awkward. And I love the look that he gets when he's worried, and he knows things might not be okay. I tried to find a picture, but there are none. But it's cute, he looks really uneasy, and his eyes kind of get shiny like right before you cry.

8. Captain Jack Harkness
Pretty much speaks for himself. Yep.

"Don't. Just don't." Source

9. Anthony Head as a villain. 
I loved him in "Buffy, The Vampire Slayer" as much as anyone, but I really enjoy seeing actors in unexpected roles. And this one was definitely unexpected. He plays the bad guy in the Season 2 episode, "School Reunion."

Just creepy. Source
10. The Doctor is always telling people how important they are.
He's always taking people who think they're completely ordinary and unimportant and showing them just how fantastic and brilliant and extraordinary they are. And it's not The Doctor who makes them fantastic. I think they had it in them all along. They just needed someone to show it to them.

So, Whovians, what are some of your favorite things about Doctor Who?


  1. 1. David Tennant.
    2. David Tennant's freckles.
    3. David Tennant's hair.
    4. David Tennant's glasses.
    5. Donna Noble.
    6. When everything is Ten and Rose and nothing hurts.
    7. Stormaggedon, Dark Lord of All (which will make no sense if you've not seen season 6)
    9. John Barrowman.
    10. Rory Williams.
    11. The Doctor Who themed episode of Never Mind the Buzzcocks (it's on Youtube, and it's AMAZEBALLS)
    12. THIS:
    13. So very many other reasons that I should probably stop now...

  2. @Kirsti,
    Yes. Rory Williams. Love him.


    And that video is my new favorite thing.

    (And sorry for internet yelling.)

  3. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's just... oh Doctor. I love you so much. And David Tennant - <3 <3 <3

    The Doctor might actually be featured this month on the blog... or at least mentioned. :)

  4. So I studied in England for a semester, and my anglophile brother in law came to visit me in London for a weekend. This guy has a Dalek tattoo on his forearm, so he insisted that we leave the high street, go back to our hotel, and watch the first episode of the return of Doctor Who. We also went to the Doctor Who museum. I have pictures! But not on this computer. I'll have to find them tonight and post some links. It was pretty funny walking into a room with a fog machine and having a bunch of Daleks scream EXTERMINATE!

    Unfortunately I've only seen 2 episodes. The awesome one was where the statues come to life and move in the shadows. Holy crap scary.