Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ben & Jerry's and the Unexplained

It was very difficult for me to start this post, friends. I got home from work today, completely and utterly exhausted.

But the thing is, it isn't so much physical exhaustion.

I found myself curled up in my chair with my baby blanket, my teddy bear and a pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream watching Olympic coverage. And I realized.

I'm sad, friends.

I'm sad, and there's just no reason for it.

For some of you, this won't make sense. But for a lot of you, I know you understand. I know you understand how you can just need to curl up with a blanket by yourself, how you can feel sad and a little depressed and not quite understand the cause of it.

I've had someone ask me why I can't just be happy.

Because sometimes, it's not that easy.

Sometimes you just need to curl up on the couch with your Ben & Jerry's and be sad for a while.


  1. That is what ice cream, blankets, and teddy bears are for.

  2. I hate that feeling. Hope the B&J's helps!