Monday, October 1, 2012

In case you're wondering why I'm always over-caffeinated.

As if I need to explain why. This one should just be a "Well, DUH." But it's Monday, and I need to post about something, and the rest of my life revolves around coffee so why not my blog, too? (That was a run-on sentence, and I'm only sort of sorry for it.)

5 Reasons Why I Love Coffee

1. The obvious one. There's the whole caffeine part, the part that wakes you up in the morning, that gives you that extra boost to make it through the last part of your day. I secretly love that shaky, hyper feeling you get when you accidentally drink too much coffee.

2. Hot brewed coffee. The smell, the taste, the way it warms you from the inside out on a cold morning.

3. The complexities. The way each coffee from each growing region, each roast, each brand, is different, tastes different, smells different. Coffee isn't just coffee. There's so much to taste in each cup.

4. Espresso beverages are fun! Not only do espresso beverages like lattes, mochas, and cappuccinos taste yummy, they're also super fun to make!

5. It's so interesting! I could go on and on about how intense the process is from the coffee tree (Yes, coffee is the seed of a fruit that grows on trees!) to your cup. Most people don't wonder where their yummy cup of coffee comes from, but if they did a little digging, they'd learn oodles they never knew before!

So, friends, what's your favorite part about coffee?


  1. Confession: I hate coffee. I love the smell of it, but I can't drink it to save myself. It's probably not all that surprising - I have issues when it comes to things that are bitter. So yeah. Beer, coffee, high cocoa dark chocolate, olives, all of that stuff. *shudder*

    I'm strictly a hot chocolate person! That said, I will concede that the coffee manufacturing process is REALLY interesting :)

  2. All of the above! And honestly, it's part of a routine and a community in a weird way. Like, when I go to the office I sit down, turn on my computer, read my emails, and catch up on my Google Reader. I have to do this while drinking my coffee. It's weird. I can't do my morning routine without it. And I love the whole atmosphere of going to coffee shops, talking with the baristas, and having your coffee. It's just... a thing.