Monday, December 31, 2012

Music Monday #1: Your Mother and I

This post marks the first in a weekly series I'll be starting, Music Monday. Each Monday, I'll post about a song, album, or artist that moves me in some way, or just whatever catchy song I can't manage to shake from my brain. I'll confess I got this idea partly from Kirsti. Thanks, K!

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I was driving to Target today, in the snowstorm, trying my best not to skid all over the road, and sort of failing. While I was driving, I was listening to NPR, and they happened to play this song, by Loudon Wainwright. (There's talking and stuff at the beginning, but if you skip to 0:38, you'll get right to the song.) It's called "Your Mother and I," and he wrote it for his children when he and his wife split up.  

As I heard this song play, all of a sudden I felt five years old again, listening to my mom and dad tell me they were getting divorced. It was my own story, playing to me in song form. It's one of my earliest memories, hearing my parents tell me nearly all of the things in this song. 

I wish I had a place for this to go, for some moral to this story, a happily ever after. But I guess the moral is that life doesn't always work out like you planned. People make mistakes, life throws you a curveball or two. Sometimes all you can do is the best you can and trust God with the rest. 

But this isn't something you should feel bad about for me, friends. Things turned out pretty great, after all. 

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