Monday, March 18, 2013

I don't even know what I'm doing anymore...

I considered piggybacking off of Kirsti's Movie Monday again this week, but then I decided it would be cheating, a little. But she did post about the movie "Music and Lyrics" which I will shamelessly admit that I love. So you all should go read it. Right now.

Anyway, I don't know how to intro this one. It's completely ridiculous. It was introduced to me by my friend Renee. It's a song called "Boten Anna" by a Swedish dude called Basshunter. I'm sharing it with you because nothing about the video makes sense, and it makes me laugh endlessly.

It has something to do with a guy being in love with this person he's chatting online with, who he thinks is a robot, but who actually turns out to be a real person. (There's a wikipedia page for it, in case you care.) There is next to nothing about this video that would clue me in on what it's actually about, and that's kind of why I love it.

I love that he's standing on a paddle boat dancing, I love that the rearview mirror in that weird yellow car was totally broken, I love that in the logical place in the song where a big dance break would occur, there was just like, a shot of a rave or something.

I love watching a weird music video and getting to the end and having that "What did I just watch?" sort of reaction.

So, friends, what's your favorite bizarre music video?

Also, I think this is the bottom, guys. I need your help! Give me music suggestions for future posts!

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