Monday, March 11, 2013


Today's music is brought to you by Kirsti. Well, sort of. Her "Movie Monday" this week was Moulin Rouge, and she was kind enough to post this gem from the movie!

This is one of my favorite scenes in the movie because OH MY GOODNESS THE FEELINGS. I'm definitely going to be watching this movie again this week. Thanks, K!

So friends, what music do you have on repeat this week?


  1. Yeah, I definitely added this to my Netflix queue. SHould be coming in this week. LOVE LOVE LOVE this scene!

  2. It is interesting that both of you young women love this scene. As a woman who has had an active sex life in a committed loving relationship for almost forty years, I must confess that this scene makes me feel tainted and violated. I do not think it is healthy to create so much violence to achieve arousal as this scene depicts. This scene shows the dark abusive side of sex, not the healthy vibrant energetic breath-taking act of making love. (In my never-to-be-humble opinion.)

    1. It's obvious to me you're taking this scene completely out of context, and most likely have never even seen all of "Moulin Rouge." I never claimed that this scene was intended to portray a healthy relationship. In fact, its goal is the opposite. Up until this point, the relationship between Christian and Satine has been idyllic, mostly free of problems. It is during this scene that they realize just how complicated and not-so-healthy their relationship actually is. And it is during this scene that we, as the audience, realize it too. One of the reasons I love this scene is that it makes the audience relate so well to the main characters. We feel what they feel. We feel Christian's newly-recognized jealousy, we feel Satine's desperation at wanting something more, something better.

      Also, the dancing and singing is kick-ass.

      Take things in context next time you put on your opinion pants.