Thursday, June 18, 2009

Today was AWESOME

Ok, so awesome story. I went to the DMV here in Warrenton to get a change of address on my driver's license. The woman asks me for the $12.50 that it costs, and I pull out my debit card. She says "we only take cash or check." Problem. I have no checks. And only $11.00. So she says, "Here, I'll just take what you have and you can bring me $1.50 later." This is one of the reasons why living in a small town is a good thing. If this were to happen to me in St. Louis, there is NO WAY the same outcome would have occurred.


  1. Ya, but in StL they would have taken Debit!!! LOL

  2. Connected to your Twitter update that God provides? Well either way, I'm learning that sooo much this summer. Many, many times over.

    -your roommate Sam

  3. The two are actually unrelated, but I guess it works!