Friday, November 27, 2009

"Grand" adventure does not equal "Fun" adventure

So, I spent Thanksgiving in Louisville, Kentucky visiting my Aunt, Uncle and Grandmother. So on Tuesday night, I had a grand adventure driving down from Chicago. And by "grand," I really mean "SUPER LONG."

Let me preface by saying this: GOOGLE MAPS IS STUPID.

They had me get off of I90 onto some dinky little Indiana State road. Their logic was to take me from this state road, to I80, then to I65. The dinky little state road was CLOSED. So I went to follow the detour. And got lost. Twice. First I got lost because of the stupid inadequate detour that ended NOWHERE. And then after I called Dad and got directions back to the highway from him, I turned the wrong way. And got lost again. So FINALLY I got back to I90, with the aid of the wonderful Samantha, who told me that I should never have gotten off I90 in the first place, because it connects with I65! So I get to I65 eventually, blah blah and I'm driving and it takes forever, yada yada.

And then about 70 miles from Louisville, traffic on I65 (IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!) stops, and is crawling for MILES on end. There is an hour-long traffic jam in the middle of nowhere for NO reason.

The point of the story? What should have been an easy 5 hour drive, became an 8 HOUR drive.

Needless to say, I'm definitely going to hate driving for a while.

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