Sunday, February 6, 2011

Seasonal Work Sucks

It's easier to write when stuff actually happens to you. I'm not one of those writers that has the magical ability to pull material to blog about from out of nowhere.

Everything here in Branson is seasonal. I haven't worked since New Years Eve.

I've been at home most of the time since then, with the exception of my trip to Texas to see my grandparents. And I'm started to go a little crazy.

I don't do well when I stay home for too long, being unproductive. The result? DEPRESSION.

Unproductive depression+seasonal affective whatever depression=EPICFAIL

It's not anything that remotely resembles awesome.

I need a job, stat.


  1. Hey! Saw your post on 20sb (insert whatever...)

    I was amused by the title, so I've come over here and decided to subscribe! Happy blogging!

    As for Seasonal Affective Disorder... yeah, I'm from Cali. I get those too. Brownies and wine help. Just a thought.

  2. Sounds like you need to make a trip to Saint Louis and hang out with your likewise-depressed friend Renee. The best for EVERYONE.