Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Storms

On Tuesday here in Branson we got ice and snow. Granted, not as much snow as my parents in central Missouri, or my friends up in Chicago. But enough to shut down the whole town. It was really the ice that did us in. Most of the roads are still covered in a thick layer of ice. The local schools have been closed since Tuesday.

And now as I look out my window onto the parking lot, it's snowing. Again. It's supposed to snow all night tonight, and then all day on Sunday. What, like Tuesday's storm wasn't enough? We need more snow? Fabulous.

Okay, fine. Here's where I start listening to the logical and optimistic part of my brain. (Contrary to popular belief, I do possess optimism and logic.)

Perhaps this snow is really a blessing, and we're all just missing it. Besides the obvious fact of how beautiful snow is, maybe God is reminding us that we need to slow down. We're all so busy: work, school, family, etc. We hardly ever take the time to stop and enjoy God's beautiful creation. The daily sunrise and sunset, the beautiful snow, the spectacular lightning storm, the flowers in springtime. God sends it for us to enjoy, and most of the time we miss it.

If that sounds familiar, it should. Donald Miller talks about that kind of thing in a certain part of one of his books. I can't remember which one. His blog is here.

But the point is, if you're stuck at home because of the snow, don't complain. Enjoy it a little.

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