Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Can't Believe They Made A Movie About This

Ah, Groundhog Day.

Each year, I anxiously count down the days until we find out how much of winter is left, as predicted by a rodent who lives underground.


Does anyone else thing it's absolutely absurd that we still observe such an archaic holiday based on wildly inaccurate folklore?

How in the world do you connect the length of winter to whether or not a rodent sees his shadow? Can someone please explain to me how the two are related?

Maybe Punxsutawney Phil could tell me. He totally looks like a weatherman to me.

Perhaps this all would seem a little bit less ridiculous to me if the high today in B-town hadn't been over 60 degrees.

Then again, not. I'm trying to communicate my confusion and amusement at all of this absurdity in a clever, witty way, but I'm failing.

I'll just say it.

Groundhog Day is a stupid holiday.
Although I'm sure the movie is perfectly delightful.

1 comment:

  1. The day is stupid. The movie is great. The only good to come from Groundhog Day is the movie, but that's all because of Bill Murray.