Saturday, February 4, 2012

Internet, Meet Dana

Yep. Dana is my car. I've had her for several years. She used to belong to my mom.

She was named by a college classmate of mine, Kari, amidst an end of semester celebration with our senior project class a couple of years ago. Dependable Dana.

Well, lately Dana hasn't been so dependable.

I think she knows that I want to leave her for a shiny, new car. (Which I can in no way afford.) She's been acting out a little.

List of Offenses:
  • She refuses to give me back a Bob Dylan CD that's stuck in the stereo. I haven't been able to use the CD player for years.
  • The defroster is a PIECE OF CRAP.
  • During a safety inspection, a brake light stopped working. Then started working again. She's trying to tell me something, I know it.
  • A tire was punctured by a drill bit (yep, you read that right) as I was driving along. I was forced to pay an arm and a leg for a new tire, as it couldn't be fixed.
  • She has three, count them, THREE bent wheel rims. 
  • She also only has two hubcaps. 
The Bright Side:
  • She has a shiny new front driver's side door, courtesy of the old lady who backed into her in an empty parking lot a few months ago. (Apparently she just didn't see my car! :/ )
  • At least I have a car. And at least it's completely paid for.
 Well, it appears the List of Offenses is longer than The Bright Side.

It's not looking good for my once-dependable Dana. Her days may be numbered.


  1. we can say much the same for my car... her days are dwindling and she's decided that she is (literally) hot under the collar about it...

  2. well, in Dana's defense, the defroster has always been a piece of crap. I think that's a design problem.