Thursday, February 16, 2012

Singing Opera For Strangers

I currently desire a part-time job, in addition to my full-time gig peddling expensive coffee. And in Branson, right now is the time to look for one.

Down the street from Starbucks is the Branson Landing, an outdoor mall full of possibilities.

So after my shift this morning, I make the rounds, collecting applications.

At some point, I enter a shoe store much too cool for me, manned by three bros approximately somewhere in their twenties. I ask for an application, and they're appropriately nosey and ask me a bunch of questions about myself.

And somehow, I tell them I'm a singer. They want me to sing something.

Really? Well. . . Okay. I'm thinking, you asked for it.

So I decide to go all out, since, well, they did ask for it, and I bust out an aria from La Bohรจme that I sang my junior year of college. They clapped for me, so I guess I didn't embarrass myself to badly.

It was the most bizarre thing that's happened to me in a long time. 

So in case you've been wondering, singing opera for strangers in shoe stores is always a good idea, and should be done often.

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