Thursday, April 19, 2012

Confessions of a Closet Cat Lady

I have a great, big, gigantic confession to make, guys.

I am secretly a crazy cat lady. 

A cat lady with no cats.

Reason? I'm allergic. Also, my roommate isn't a cat person. Also, I'm too poor for a pet.

So I suppose my body is saving me from myself. Because if I weren't allergic, I could easily become one of those crazy cat ladies who talks about cats, and posts pictures of cats, and owns 10 cats, and loves cats and not people.

But this isn't the point. The point is CATS.

I know guys, I know what you're saying. "Cats? Leah. Come on. No."

It was a couple of weeks ago when I finally realized just how far gone I was. See, I work with two other cat ladies. Every time I found something about cats online, or watched a show about cats on Animal Planet, (There's one called "Must Love Cats," where the guy travels around meeting people with cats and going to places that are cat-related, and there's another one called "Too Cute!" that's just about kittens!) I found myself wondering "Do they know about this yet? Have they seen it? I should tell them just in case." 

My place as a crazy cat lady was solidified when a college classmate of mine posted this website on his facebook.

If you skipped clicking on the link, I'll wait.

Did you click it? Good.

Yep. A website where you look at pictures of cute cats and click on the one that's cuter.

I found myself wasting entirely too much time on this website. Because CUTE CATS, GUYS.

It doesn't matter if you love cats or hate cats. You have to admit, they're entertaining.  Whether they're plotting to kill you, starting fights with your dog, meowing so that it sounds like "hello,"

or getting boxes stuck on their heads,

 or getting stuck in the blinds, (This one is my favorite!)

or even just sleeping, (See how cute this kitten is?!)

you have to admit, they're never boring.

So there you have it, friends. You know my secret.

I'm a crazy cat lady.


  1. You get that from the Fielden/Rumbaugh side of your genetics :-)


  2. Cat photos are pretty funny... but cats themselves.... eh

  3. Girl, you should get yourself a hyperallergenic cat like a Siamese. Cats are not too expensive to take care of, and I bet what seems like a big expense now would pay off later when you have the world's best cat (and every cat you own seems like the world's best cat to you, because it is YOURS).

    Don't know what to say about the roommate though, but you have a way with words and should use those persuasive powers. :)

    Cats. Are. The. Best.