Thursday, April 26, 2012

Not All Redheads Are Created Equal

Internet, meet Shelbie.
Photo Courtesy of Shelbie Moore

Now, meet me.
Photo is mine.
Shelbie and I work together at Starbucks. I know, I know. Two redheads working at the same place? It's a wonder we didn't make the place explode. And what's more? We actually get along. Crazy, right?

There's only one problem.

People can't manage to tell us apart. Roughly 50% of the times people address me, I get called "Shelbie."
You can't imagine how infuriating this is.
I suppose I should also mention that Shelbie never gets called "Leah." One can only conclude that people only think that Shelbie works at Starbucks and not me.

I guess my view of us is tainted, since I'm the one being forgotten. But if you ask me, the only thing similar about us is our hair color.
Different body types. Eye color. Complexion, despite what the photos may portray. (Shelbie is heavily freckled. I am not.) If you dyed my hair brown, we would look completely different. I am certain that if that happened, I would never get called "Shelbie" again.

Dying my hair could be a solution, yes. But that would not solve the problem. The problem is the general population, friends. 

Do people think that all redheads look alike simply because of our hair? 

I'm telling you, begging you, take a little time and study the details about us before you mix us up. 

Would you mix up these redheaded celebrities? Probably not. 

Rupert Grint--Source

Conan O'Brien--Source

Isla Fisher-Source

Julianne Moore--Source

See, friends? All of these redheads look different. DIFFERENT. Now go look up at the pictures of Shelbie and me. DIFFERENT. See? 

Before you mix up two redheads, just remember. We're not the same. Would you like it if someone mixed you up with another person just because the only similarity you had was hair color? Probably not.  
Our names are not interchangeable just because our hair color is the same.

Just remember, kids.

Not all redheads are created equal.


  1. It should be "Everyone is not created equal". There are redheads, then there is everyone else.

  2. While setting redheads in their rightful place above everyone else, that still lumps us together. The idea is for people to begin recognizing us not by the color of our hair, but by the content of our character, which is, as always, cooler than everyone else.

  3. That is my favorite current picture of you. I have it as your avatar on my phone :-)


  4. Everyone says my sister and I look like twins, and I believe it is essentially because 1.) we have the same kind of hair and 2.) the same complexion color.

    Seriously. Those are the two similarities.