Thursday, May 31, 2012

5 Pet Peeves

So, it's been a while since I've complained about stuff for no reason. I like to say that complaining is the one thing I do well, which of course isn't true, but that's not the point, guys.

The point is, complaining every once in a while about the mundane, meaningless little things about life bring me a certain joy I can't quite find very many other places.

1. How are you?
I've complained about this question before. But lately my frustration has been coming from work. At work, in an effort to be nice and welcoming, we ask how people are. But most people ignore us, and respond instead with a drink order. It's because no one wants to answer a question they think isn't genuine.

2. Typos
I realize that intense attention to spelling and grammar is not a priority for everyone. But it gets really exhausting to read repeated confusion of their, they're, and there, misuses of apostrophes, and a lack of proofreading. (Side note to bloggers reading this: if you know yourself to be guilty of these things and want a proofreader, you know who to call.) 

3. People who can't use a 4-way stop
I'm tired being the only person who knows whose turn it is. Here's how to use a 4-way stop. You yield to the person on your right. If you get there at the same time, the person to your right goes. If you're the person on the right, GO. Then the person on your right goes, then they're right, and so on. You are not supposed to go at the same time as the person across from you.  This brings me to number 4:

4. My own road rage.
Yep. I get annoyed with myself. I live in a tourist town, and most of the time the other drivers are non-natives who have no idea where they're going or what they're doing. A lot of the time I find myself shouting at the other drivers when they stop for no reason, or take my turn at a stop sign.

5. "Uh" and "Um"
I know I complain about this one all the time, guys, but it's seriously my BIGGEST pet peeve ever. I just can't stand it when every other word a person says is "uh" and "um." These sorts of sentence fillers sound gross and the irritate me to no end. Please just don't talk until you figure out your words.


  1. Can I giggle at the incorrect and hopefully self-conscious usage of "they're" in #3?

    Additionally, I hate when I am asked how I am and the asker doesn't wait for a response. I wait for a response when I ask that question, otherwise I just say Hi or smile.


  2. Nope, that one was purposeful. Perhaps what I should have said was "Then the person to your right's right goes." Even that sounds weird. Or, "Then the person across from you," or "Then the person two rights from you." There's really no graceful way to write some things.

  3. Ugh, not responding to "how are you" stuff is just rude. It's basic manners, people! Get with the program...

    And the misuse of homophones makes me stabby.

    We don't have four way stops. It's either one road has stop signs and the other has give way signs (American translation: yield signs), or there's a roundabout. Much easier to deal with!!

  4. Roundabouts are a hassle where I live because no one knows how to use them. Rather like stop signs, I guess. So I guess the moral of the story is that everyone just needs to learn to drive better.

  5. My biggest pet peeve is when people say, "You look tired."

    It is the polite way of telling me I look like complete crap.