Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I haven't really had sufficient time to decompress after Fall Tour. It was a real growing experience for me. I feel like my voice grew and changed just over the course of the weekend. Of course, 8 performances in three days will do that to you. I wish that I hadn't been so tired the whole time. I would have like to have gotten to know the new Kapelle members better. But I was just so exhausted the whole time, and putting all my effort into just making it through the next concert or church service to really care that much about socializing. I think I'll be able to get to know everyone better on Spring Tour in March. That's really far away, I know, but spring tour is a lot more relaxed than fall tour is.

I think that this tour I was so exhausted that I had a really hard time connecting emotionally to the music. I felt like I was pretending to understand the character of the pieces.

The dominating feeling of the weekend was exhaustion. The whole weekend was kind of a blurr. I feel like it went by really quickly, but also that last Friday feels like two weeks ago. I really dislike fall tour because your whole sense of time is thrown off. You sing so much and the days are so long that you lose track of exactly how many days have passed. I'm kind of glad that I only have one fall tour left.

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