Thursday, May 24, 2012


Top 5 Guilty Pleasures
For my purposes here, I'm defining "guilty pleasure" as any obsession you wouldn't readily admit openly. And here I am, outing myself to the entire internet for your entertainment purposes.

1. Anything Kardashian-related
This one I REALLY am ashamed of. I've found myself watching Kardashian reality shows for...longer than I care to admit. It's just one of those things where you say "Only five minutes." Because you're curious why they're so popular. And then a couple hours later, you find out why. Because you just couldn't look away. 

2. The Twilight Saga
I'm also ashamed to have to admit this one. I've seen bits and pieces of each of the movies, but it's the books that really sucked me in. Again, curiosity killed the cat. I had to see what all of the fuss was about. But then the compulsion set in. I had to find out the end of the series. There was no choice about it. It didn't matter that Bella was a horrible main character, and Edward was a sorry excuse for a leading man, and then there's the part where the series is about the importance of having a boyfriend. (DON'T get me started.) It was like Stephenie Meyer embedded some sort of addictive drug in the pages of her books. I just couldn't stop.

3. The Vampire Diaries
Since we're talking about vampires, let's add this one to the list, shall we? This obsession is fairly recent, just the past couple of days, recent, and I'm already hooked. I just can't stop. It's all teen-angst, meets small-town drama, meets hot vampires. I shouldn't want to keep watching, but I do.

4. Firefly
STOP, you browncoats. Keep reading. Just trust me. I did define guilty pleasure as something you wouldn't readily admit to everyone. Have you ever tried to explain Firefly someone who isn't nerdy? What did you say? Did you say "It's like a western, in space, with no aliens."? Because if you're me, that's what you said. And that's also when the non-nerdy, I mean, non-awesome person totally checked out. Some things are just better kept to yourself.

5. Doctor Who
Now hear me out, Whovians, before you stop reading. This is like Firefly. If you're me, then not many people you encounter are nerdy enough to appreciate the awesomeness that is Doctor Who. And by nerdy, I mean cool. Yep. Cool. I mean, have you ever tried to explain Doctor Who? "It's this alien who travels in a spaceship through time and space and he meets people and aliens and does...stuff." Riiiight. Have fun alone with your 10 cats someday, Leah.

Confession time! Name some of your biggest guilty pleasures, even if they're actually completely awesome.


  1. I have all of these except for the Kardashians - so I hear ya. But we'll also tack on Glee (with my unhealthy obsession/love for Darren Criss) and my fangirlish tendencies for Zac Efron. Well... I haven't started the Vampire Diaries yet, but Laura has been begging me to watch it and I know I'm going to give in. And... my mom totally judges me for watching Doctor Who.

  2. ...and I'm the opposite. The Kardashians is the only obsession I have off your list. LoL. But it was an obsession when I had cable. LoL.

  3. Definitely with you on Firefly and Doctor Who! My entire family thinks I'm crazy for watching both of them.

    My other guilty pleasures are Katy Perry songs (they're so bad, but so catchy), Glee, and rewatching 90s TV shows. Although I readily admit to that on Twitter...

    Anything Kardashian is like a train wreck. You feel terrible for watching it, but you can't make yourself stop. (I may have watched more than my fair share of Keeping up with the Kardashians while in New York last year!)

  4. I'm with you on Firefly! Writing for "Childhood Trauma" has made one of my guilty pleasures reading Sweet Valley High. "/

    Also, reading any sort of paranormal YA makes me feel slightly dirty but awesome at the same time.

    I also re-watch the crap out of any and all versions of Pride and Prejudice. It's an instant pick me up.

    I'm terrible at watching TV show. I usually only watch a season before I get distracted. TVD was one of those shows I watched for a while. So much yummy man in that show.