Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Definitely, Maybe

I love this movie. It has a beautifully crafted storyline and the acting is wonderful. But it makes me feel like someone ripped a scab off my arm, a scab that was almost healed and is now bleeding again. It's supposed to be a happy ending. Will (Ryan Reynolds) ends up with the girl he's in love with. But the bottom line is, Maya's (Abigail Breslin) parents are still getting divorced. That fact negates the happy ending for me, and at the end I feel like there's an open wound in the middle of my chest. Note to self: never watch this movie again.

But I know that that scab won't ever fully heal. That sometimes something will rip it off and remind me of my parents, forcing me to start all over again. It gets a little better when I think of all the good God worked in our lives after it-both of my parents remarrying and being happy again, gaining an even bigger family, and even meeting my boyfriend. But sometimes I still wish that it had never happened, that my parents were still together, that my childhood had been some semblance of normal. I know that we have to make the most of our circumstances, and that God will get us through anything. So here I am, still hanging on, hoping that things will turn out okay, that the pain will lessen, that I'll never have to put my (future hypothetical) children through that.

My heart feels heavy.

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  1. I know how you feel--trust me, I do.

    Personally, I love that movie--makes me cry a little every time (not gonna lie).

    Find happiness in God first and foremost...He'll take care of the rest.