Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mood boosters

I had the most amazing voice lesson today. I was going into it absolutely dreading, praying to God that it didn't end with me in tears yet again. But I sounded wonderful. My voice was in that sweet spot without any effort at all. Everything was so easy, and my voice sounded so relaxed. My soft palate was raised and my diaphragm was engaged without me even having to force them to be so. I warmed up to a SUSTAINED high D-flat without any effort. It was so easy to sing, and my voice didn't even feel strained or tired after singing it. It gave me the biggest confidence booster, way bigger than singing in the recital on Monday did, and it put me in the greatest mood. I can't even begin to explain why this happened, why I was so calm and relaxed during a voice lesson which I was dreading during a day that certainly could have been better.

I also got to play with Brittan's new puppy, Tango this afternoon during her clarinet lesson. She just got the puppy, and she's so cute! I miss dogs, and this really put me in a great mood. I love puppies. I want a puppy....

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