Saturday, November 8, 2008

Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy is like crack. Laura and I haven't watched our shows (Grey's Anatomy and Heroes) in weeks because we haven't had TV. We just got it back today, and we're having a marathon. We can't stop watching Grey's Anatomy. It's so addicting. Like crack.

P.S. Don't judge us. So what if we like Grey's Anatomy?


  1. I'm not commenting on your addiction to that crap excuse for a show. I am commenting on pictures on facebook that I can't comment on, due to my not being friends with who posted them. I really like your hair in those fall tour pics.

  2. YES! It's just like crack! I totally understand! And it's really good crack this season. AH! I love it. I always rush home after confirmation on Thursday nights to watch it. Confirmation ends at 7:30, but then you have to wait for parents to come get their kids and then kids and parents want to talk to you. Sigh. So then I end up pulling up in our driveway right as it's starting.