Saturday, June 11, 2011


My directionlessness is killing me.
My life is a basketball game with no basket,
A soccer game with no goal,
A race with no ending in sight.
I've lost my path through the woods.

Don't say to me,
"You could pack up and go anywhere.
Do anything.
Move to Europe.
Visit Africa or India.
On a whim."
Don't say that to me.
Because who really does that?
Who runs away from life for permanent vacation?

No one does that.
Because we all have bills to pay.
We all have to work.

My directionlessness is killing me,
sinking me into depression.

Directionlessness+friends who are far away=depression.

I need a radical change in my life.
I'm feeling so restless.
I hate the feeling you get when you know
your life is in transition.

What do I do?

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