Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Measure Twice, Cut Once

This week for "Why Wednesday," I'm back to everyone's favorite thing: bashing famous people. Not so much because I'm jealous that they're famous and I'm not, but because a great amount of famous people seem to be stupid. And it's easy to make fun of stupid people.

In this the information age, sex scandals abound. Mostly because the free flow of information makes it so much easier to get caught.

What, you thought nobody messed around before? Yeah, right. In fact, I'm certain that celebrities messed around WAY more often than nowadays, simply because they didn't have the technology to catch them in the act. They didn't have computers. They didn't have cell phones that saved every text message they ever sent/received. They could carry out an affair without anyone knowing about it.

So here's a tip for anyone famous. Or at least with a job important enough to get them noticed if they screw up badly enough. (*cough cough* Rep. Anthony Weiner *cough cough*)

Now, I'm not saying famous people have to be perfect. I don't expect that of anyone. But here's the deal. If you're famous, don't do anything you don't want people knowing about. You know how the paparazzi are. They'll follow you around. Every second. Of every day. Until you fade into obscurity. Unless you're Lindsay Lohan. In that case, they'll keep following you around forever waiting for you to get arrested again.

In this age of the internet, smart phones, text messaging, and a celebrity-obsessed nation, if you're famous and you do something you wouldn't want your mother knowing about, odds are, EVERYONE will know eventually.

So just. . . don't. If you're about to do something shameful which could potentially destroy your life if anyone found out. . .don't. Think twice. Look before you leap. Count to ten. Measure twice, cut once. Just. . . don't.

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