Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Do It For The Children

For this week's Why Wednesday, I will address a very serious offense committed by countless numbers of parents against scores of innocent children.

The crime?

That's right.


Image of this atrocity courtesy of

Okay I get it. I get that it's difficult to control your gaggle of unruly children and keep them from running around all over creation like little demons out to corrupt God's beautiful creation. I GET IT.

But that's what it means to be a parent. It means holding onto your child's hand to prevent them from stealing things in the grocery store or running into old people or out into traffic.

Don't try and say
"Well it's a cute doggie or kitty or monkey or unicorn!"


Kids understand a lot more than you think they do.
They're smart.

Don't you think it'll only be a matter of time
until they discover that
the contraption you use to walk the dog
and the contraption you use on them
when you're out in public
are basically the same??

Just think about it like this. When they're adults and in therapy because they engage in unhealthy relationships, and their therapist says, "Well tell me about your childhood. What were family outings like?"

And they'll say, "All I remember is being put on one of those leashes for children."

And then the therapist's eyes will go all wide and they'll nod and scribble on their notepad like the secret of the universe has just been revealed to them.

So, parents. Stop being lazy. Because that's all it really boils down to. Did our parents get to put us on leashes? No, because they hadn't been invented yet, thank goodness. They had to do it old school. No leashes. No iPods to distract your children, no XBox or Playstation or whatever. They had to occupy us with card games and coloring books and stories, and they had to HOLD OUR HAND when we were in public.

So please, parents. Do it for the children. For the sake of the innocent little children.

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  1. this seriously made me laugh out loud. child leashes = ridic.